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General Terms & Conditions


These general terms and conditions are a guideline and might be subject to change at any time due to changing laws and other reasons. German law, especially the German Civil Code (‘BGB – Buergerliches Gesetzbuch’) is applicable at any time and takes precedence over these terms and conditions.

§ 1 Range of services

CFS Translations (the ‘service providers’) provide services within the range of their qualification. This includes but is not limited to: Written translations, verbal (instant) translations, interpreting, proofreading, editing, drawing up texts and other closely or loosely related services. The range of services is subject to change at any time. The service providers may refuse service to customers at any time without stating a reason.

Whether we deliver documents free to your place is subject to certain factors: Is your place not too far away? Are you a regular customer? Does your order exceed a certain amount? Are we in the area anyway? We reserve the right to refuse delivery service, free or otherwise, under any circumstances at any time.

§ 2 Ordering from CFS Translations

If you need a written translation, please submit your documents as pictures, PDF or in any other suitable file format to our e-mail address or via a messaging service on the phone. We do not accept hard copies. We do not accept visitors in our office unless upon an appointment agreed to. If you drop off hard copies, e. g. into our mailbox, we will dispose of these documents unless we asked you to drop off the documents.

Your order is confirmed if you agree to the price and agree that we start with your translation in any form, e. g. via text message or via e-mail. Upon your confirmation, we will issue a bill. After receipt of payment we will ship the documents to your address by mail or deliver to your address if agreed upon. We will not start before receipt of full payment.

§ 3 Payment

We accept cash if we meet in person anyway, e. g. upon delivery to your place or upon an appointment with German authorities which requires us both to appear in their office for translation purposes. We accept PayPal and wire transfer as well. To ensure trouble-free payment via bank, we recommend you use a German bank account.

We reserve the right to insist on payment in advance. However, it is at our discretion to decide whether we allow payment after receipt of services, e. g. if it is urgent or under other circumstances. Failure to pay services received will result in immediate legal action which might include involvement of US military authorities and a UCMJ action.

§ 4 Fees

Our prices are subject to change at any time. You can download our latest price list here. The price list is part of these general terms and conditions.

§ 5 Cancellation

Cancellation of an order is subject to German laws; however, a translation is an individual service and therefore some laws might not apply. If you cancel your order you will be refunded full payment unless we already started to work. In that case, we will keep the amount covering the work done and refund the rest. If your order requires us to travel, travel costs and waiting time will have to be paid unless you cancel in advance before we leave the office. If you cancel the marriage bundle, refunds will be as follows:

Cancellation of marriage bundle before we start working:

Full refund.

Cancellation of marriage bundle after translation of birth certificate:

We keep the price for one birth certificate.

Cancellation of marriage bundle after 1st appointment:

No refunds. To that point, a lot of effort had to be put into your case beyond the actual appointments.

Here you can download a standard cancellation form. Use by the customer is not mandatory.


§ 6 Rework


If any errors occur in the translation which are caused by the service providers, free rework is guaranteed. Upon gross negligence on behalf of the service providers and/or damages occurring to the customer resulting from errors or gross negligence on behalf of the service providers, refunds will be granted in accordance with applicable German laws.


§ 7 Privacy and data protection


Any information you submit in any form will be treated confidentially and will under no circumstances be disclosed to unauthorized third parties. Authorized third parties include the registrar, for example, who needs your birth certificate upon preparing your paperwork for marriage. In such a case you will be informed prior to disclosure of your information on our behalf. Our services are in accordance with the GDPR. For detailed information see here.


§ 8 Other provisions


Anything not listed in these general terms and conditions is subject to applicable laws as well as agreements between the service providers and the customer.